Subscribing to GPAEA Alerts with News Readers

There are many "RSS Readers" or "News Readers" available for Macintosh and Windows computers as well as for many mobile devices and handhelds such as cell phones, blackberries and even iPods!

Some of these news readers are in the form of widgets, or gagets. Some are designed to work from within the computer's desktop, or menu bar and some are self contained software applications. I found one for MAC OSX, called "RSS Menu" that works quite well. Google Reader is a web based reader that will also allow subscriptions to GPAEA Alerts.

While its time consuming to investigate every reader out there (as some are better than others), I have found that the iPod Touch works quite well with GPAEA Alerts! Just use the iPod's built in safari browser to go to the address of GPAEA Alerts:

The iPod will automatically recognize that this address is a RSS Feed and will automatically subscribe you through Simply bookmark the subscribed page that results so that each time you visit this link you will see any new posts to the blog! In addition to bookmarking the subscribed page- you may also link the page as an icon on the iPod's Home, all one needs to do is press the GPAEA Alerts icon or button to see all the recent posts!